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Most preventative maintenance procedures can be performed in the course of a regular dental visit.  Preventative maintenance is generally recommended twice annually, but may be recommended every three to four months for patients at higher risk for the development or progression of periodontal disease.  Routine preventative maintenance procedures are the best methods to reduce the chances of periodontal disease.

  • Supragingival cleaning– The hygienist will thoroughly clean the tooth surfaces above the gum line with scaling tools to rid them of plaque and calculus.

  • Subgingival cleaning– This is the most important step for patients with active periodontal disease because the dentist or dental hygienist is able to remove calculus, plaque, and bacteria from the gum pockets below the gum line where damage to the supporting structures occurs.

  • Root planing– This is the removal of calculus and smoothing of the tooth root by the dentist or dental hygienist to eliminate any bacteria adhering to the tooth root. These bacteria play an integral role in the breakdown of the gum tissues and bone surrounding the teeth, so eliminating them is crucial for the long-term stability of the teeth and supporting structures.

  • Medication– Following scaling and root planing, an antibiotic or antimicrobial rinse may be prescribed. These localized antibiotics/antimicrobials promote fast healing in the deep pockets by killing bacterial over a period of several weeks.

  • X-ray and examination– Routine X-rays can be extremely revealing when it comes to periodontal disease. X-rays show the extent of bone loss, and also aid the dentist/dental hygienist in identifying areas which may need future attention.

  • Sealants- Dental sealant is a thin coating painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth — usually the back teeth (the premolars and molars) — to prevent tooth decay. The sealant quickly bonds into the depressions and grooves of the teeth, forming a protective shield over the enamel of each tooth.


Restorative dentistry will restore your smile to health. We provide several cost effective solutions! Contact us to book your consultation. It’s one of the best decisions you can make to not only improve your smile, but also ensure your oral health.

  • Implants- Implants begin a minimally invasive surgery to place the implants in the bone. Over the next three to six months, the bone grows around, and fuses with the titanium. We will provide a temporary restoration to address any issues you may have with eating and speech while your body heals. You will be amazed how natural this type of implant looks and feel. Best of all, they don’t require any special maintenance. Simply follow the same oral hygiene procedures recommended for your natural teeth!

  • Full Coverage Crowns- This solution can be applied in as little as two office visits! Through a multi-step process, our dentist will remove any damaged portion of the tooth and prepare it for accepting a crown. An impression is then taken to ensure a personal, proper fit. While awaiting the fabrication of your permanent crown, our dentist will fit you with a temporary crown to protect your tooth and allow for normal chewing. When your new crown arrives from the lab, your temporary crown will be removed and replaced. This method of restoration is recommended due to its covering of all exposed surfaces of the tooth. This coverage ensures the long-term health of the tooth.

  • Dental bridge- The key to a perfect dental bridge is the combination of high-quality dental porcelain and the artistry of the dentist. With our dentist’s exceptional dentistry skills and his commitment to quality materials will provide you with a restorative bridge that blends flawlessly with your original teeth. Our bridges are custom made, from an impression. Fabrication normally takes two to three weeks. When it is ready, the dentist will check the bridge according to his standards for fit and appearance. When both you and the dentist are pleased, the bridge will be permanently placed. A traditional bridge is an economical option for restoration of your smile. However, it will require some extra time for oral hygiene which will be explained following the completion of the bridge procedures.


One of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your confidence and feel better about your self-image is to improve your smile.  We are ready to help you have the smile you have always dreamed of!  Below you will find a sampling of services offered by Magnolia Smiles.  

  • Teeth whitening – our most popular cosmetic dental treatment available is bleaching. The best part about this option is your ability to administer it in the comfort of your own home. With this treatment, the improvements can be dramatic in as little as four short weeks!

  • Veneers – This is a thin layer of porcelain or composite material placed over a tooth to improve or protect the tooth’s visible surface. This method is used to cover a variety of issues such as: mild misalignment, misshapen teeth, spaces, and chipped teeth. The minimally invasive process takes two or three visits, and it is usually completed within three, short weeks.

  • Tooth-colored fillings – Say goodbye to those silver fillings! Our fillings are carefully colored to match your tooth for an indiscernible restoration. No one wants to have a mouth full of metal. Making the decision to go with tooth-colored fillings is a simple choice for a beautiful smile. Let our team repair those cavities the right way.

Comprehensive Dental Services

We provide many services, such as oral surgery, endodontics and implant restoration. Your entire family can enjoy great dental care, without leaving your town. Relationships with our patients are vital. At Magnolia Smiles, you are family. Our desire is to make Magnolia Smiles your dental home for life.

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